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AdvanceCut – Pro AM (3/8)

AdvanceCut – Pro AM (3/8)


Exceptional tool for homeowners who regularly cut trees on their properties or yards, as well as farmers and firewood cutters. AdvanceCut is for experienced users who need power and reliability in challenging yard conditions. The multi-rivet nose gives you durability, and AdvanceCut’s maneuverability and light-weight help you get the job done quickly.


Features and Benefits
• Slim symmetrical contour is light-weight, easy to maneuver, and is reversible for longer life
• Available in models with the Intenz tensioning mechanism built into the bar itself
• Multi-rivet nose for long-lasting durability
• LubriTec™ keeps your chain and guide bar oiled, for less friction and longer life


Recommended Saw Sizes – Up to 3.5 cu. in (57 cc)




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