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DuraCut - Armor Trip (.325 & 3/8 & .404)

DuraCut - Armor Trip (.325 & 3/8 & .404)


Created for all challenging and abrasive environments, including fire-damaged forests, deserts, or sandy environments, and areas where the wood is unstable and requires extra care. DuraCut has an ultra high-wear resistant stellite nose and chrome-moly steel body to give you a longer-lasting tool for the most punishing environments.


Features and Benefits
• Longer life, ultra high-wear resistant stellite alloy
• Much stronger bar due to super tough, chrome‑moly steel, and tough rails with excellent resistance to wear and chipping.
• LubriTec™ keeps your chain and guide bar oiled, for less friction and longer life


Recommended Saw Sizes – 2.3 cu. in (38 cc) and larger











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