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PowerCut ™ 70-Series EXL & EXJ

PowerCut ™ 70-Series EXL & EXJ


With every cut, your reputation is on the line. That’s why we’ve spent generations engineering the sharpest, fastest professional cutting systems in the
world. Day in and day out, the PowerCut 70-Series EXL full chisel cutters help you power through timber with speed, efficiency, and precision.

Designed to maximize every cut, our proprietary cutter technology gives users a sharper, more durable cutting edge that provides increased cutting performance with less effort. We’re constantly raising the bar, pushing ourselves to exceed the demands of the professionals who rely on us to make the job feel less like work.


• Multi-axis grind technology for superior performance, sharpness, and consistency
• Reshaped cutter powers through timber with speed, effi ciency, and precision
• Designed to reduce the force applied by the operator
• Engineered to utilize the power of today’s professional saws
• LubriTec™ keeps your saw chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life
• Gold Loop Start Indicator makes sharpening easier with start and stop identifi cation



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